Living Trust

A Living Trust is something everyone should have. It protects the thing you value and worked hard to obtain during your lifetime. Many times families are torn apart by the lost of a love one because they were not prepared. There are many ways you can lose a love one other than death; Sickness, Incapacitation; Mental Health issues are just a few.

Why work hard to create your estate only to see it wasted away because you did not prepare.

You can’t afford to not to have a Living Trust. Here are just a few of the many benefits a Living

Trust, provides:

1. Avoiding the high cost of probate. Such as, court cost, lawyers, referees, investigators,

months of waiting for court approval, public hearings and much more.

2. Avoiding taxes and other expenses.

3. You maintain control and privacy.

4. Having the flexibility and power to do what you want.

5. Protect your assets during life and after.

6. Protection against creditors.

7. Comfort and peace of mind.

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